First Impressions

Mar 26 2009

It’s a little late for first impressions, but as we’ve had a few requests for an update so here it goes.

Mar 03: Our Finale

Mar 05 2009

This is it. We can hardly fathom that three months has already passed, but this was our last full day. Of course we had over planned for the number of activities we could complete but some things just have to be left to the end.

Mar 02: Children’s Finale

Mar 05 2009

Today was our last free evening so we decided to have a little going away celebration with the kids that often drop by our home. We knew that pancakes was an easy meal to put together and to prepare large quantities. So for the last two days we had been telling the kids to be sure to come over on Monday evening. We weren’t really sure what to expect for numbers though because information does seem to get around the barrio pretty quickly, especially related to giveaways.

Feb 27: Independence Day

Mar 05 2009

Perhaps one of the most frustrating parts of living here, exascerbated by our poor language skills, is getting access to accurate information. Without TV, radio, or newspapers we rely on a chain of human messengers to find out what activities are happening, when they start, where they are, when stores are open and closed, why the power is out for so long, and more.

Mar 02: Brave or foolish?

Mar 03 2009

I had been warned, “don’t go to a barber shop in the barrio”. But really, could I come all this way and not at least have one such experience? I had to try, I just didn’t realize how scared I would be.

Feb 26: Night on the Town

Mar 01 2009

We didn’t actually start the day with a night on the town (go figure), but we did enjoy an evening in one of the nicer parts of town with the kids.

Feb 24: Go Fly a Kite

Feb 24 2009

Today was time for the hardest lesson yet; making a budget kite. The following pictures will tell the story, click the first image to see the photos in a slideshow – click on the right side of the image to advance.

Feb 22: Dominican Birthday

Feb 22 2009

Today we attended our first basically traditional Dominican birthday party for our neighbors 1 year old son.

Feb 21: Tick Tick Tick

Feb 21 2009

Our time is running out now and I have to admit our focus has begun to shift back to North America. We’ve actually found the last few days a bit challenging for this reason. Having all gotten over our colds we are now trying to get caught up on sleep. Unfortunately Ariana has a lingering cough which has made this difficult.

Feb 17: Mad Gab

Feb 17 2009

If you’ve ever played the game Mad Gab you understand what it’s like learning a new language. You know what you want to say, and you have to be very creative to get it out using the limited words you …

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