Cold Shower Tips

Here are my tips for showering with cold water:

Ciara enjoying a warm bath

Ciara enjoying a warm bath

  1. Timing is everything; shower just after the sun goes down. The water will be warmest, you will be hottest, and you won’t sweat as much after you get out.
  2. Stand under the faucet as you turn on the water. The first bit of water, from the water pipe, will be the warmest and you want to use this to minimize the initial impact.
  3. Once wet, turn off the water. This conserves precious water in the roof reservoir.
  4. Now shampoo and scrub down. Standing in the shower with the water evaporating will cool you off enough so that when you turn on the water it will practically feel warm.
  5. Turn on the water and wash off. Notice how much warmer it feels.

Now just enjoy the shower!


  1. Comment by Ricot & Mandy Leon

    Wow, It feels good to learn new things like Shower Tips. Such tips are useful for Haiti.

  2. Comment by Brad Davis

    I knew someone could use it!

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