Nov 25

To be completely honest, this day began for us yesterday. We boarded a plane in LA at 10:40pm, and flew overnight to Miami where we waited till noon for the flight into the Dominican Republic, DR. The kids slept for all of the first flight but were quite irritable at the airport. I guess even if they had got good sleep, and they didn’t, it still would have been 1/2 of what they were used to. Once we were off to the DR they were happy again though.

Our Workhorses

Our Workhorses

We had hoped to be able to look at Haiti, and the infamous Haiti-DR border for ourselves but unfortunately the cloud cover was to thick. When we could see the DR we were surprised by how green everything was. Not just a light cover, but fairly dense foliage that included a lot of larger trees. The mountains appeared as jagged as those we had experience on the Haiti side of the island. On the flight one of the other passengers was expounding on the virtues of living in the DR, and his quote was “In the DR, people mind their own business. You can drive around without a signal light and not worry about getting pulled over by the cops.” Food for thought I guess.

The taxi to the resort was uneventful after we made it clear to the cab driver we were aware of the posted taxi rates. Although we had had some apprehension about the amount of luggage we were bringing (4 people, 4 large suitcases, 1 carry on suitcase, 2 kids backpacks, 1 laptop bag, 1 car set, 1 booster seat) there were lots of minivan taxis that easily accommodated us. In retrospect the car seats were a mistake as there just isn’t the opportunity to use them here. More food for thought.

When we finally arrived at our resort, the Occidental Allegro Playa Dorada, we were completely finished. We barely found our way to a reasonably sized buffet dinner. Although we were the first ones in we were disappointed to find the food had the look and feel of having been sitting for quite some time. Famished and exhausted from the long day(s) we ate a bit, bee-lined back to our room and called it a night.

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