Nov 29: Sick

Well I don’t know whether it was the Ibuprofen, or my shear exhaustion from being sick, but I did seem to get a pretty good sleep last night. Today was spent mostly in bed. Any food or drink that I tried to consume simply went straight through me and came out in identical form 20 minutes later. The combination of chills and a fever gave me the interesting desire to cover myself with a blanket to keep warm while putting a cold cloth on my head to try cool down. When I moved: chills. If I layed still: fever.

New Friends

New Friends

Ariana on the other hand is doing much better. She is up and about almost as if nothing is wrong. She did have one diarrhea which appeared to cause her some stomach pain, but was generally ok.

By evening I was feeling much better, but when some blood started coming out with the liquids it was time to call in the Doctor. Fortunately my Dad was available via a free call over the Internet and some Antibiotics were perscribed from our cache.

I can only hope that the my better feelings are a good sign for tomorrow.

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