Dec 11 Night

The problem with getting up lots at night is eventually your body gets completely confused as to what time it is. You lose track of how late/early it is and can’t sleep even when you have the chance. Last night the kids seemed to be having nightmares about bee’s getting them. Ariana woke up screaming and said she couldn’t move because there was a bee on her back. Now normally I would be skeptical, but this had actually happened in Calgary once.

Back in Canada, Ariana woke up one night and complained that there was a bee in her blankets. Now she (and her mom) are prone to unusually vivid dreams so I didn’t take her too seriously. A couple visits to her room, a quick look and listen, and I was starting to get upset. On the third trip Nicole let out a little scream and called for me. Sure enough there was a large bumblebee crawling around in her blankets! I carefully extracted Ariana and we grabbed the bee with a cup. Now I take everything Ariana says seriously.

Because of this previous incident, last night I didn’t want to rule out the possibility that something had got into her bed net. She did seem pretty upset. So we listened and searched but could turn up nothing. I looked all over Ariana, her blankets, her netting, her dolls but nothing. Finally I convinced myself there was no bugs in her bed and began trying to convince Ariana. This was more difficult as she wasn’t really in a reasoning state. Then, as she would be getting close Ciara would start to flip out as well. And so we went back and forth trying to get them both to be quiet and fall asleep at the same time. There was one really cute incident after Ariana seemed to have calmed down but Ciara was still upset. We were in our room and Ciara started to call for someone to sleep with her. Ariana interjected “don’t worry Ciara, I’m watching for bees and I don’t see anything”. Remarkably this seemed to help and shortly after they were both back asleep.

In retrospect, the problem was caused by their daytime activities. Some local boys had helped me knock a small wasp-like nest off our roof rafters. Because our rafters are open to the outdoors I asked our kids to wait in their room, just incase the creatures got upset and found themselves in our house. I don’t know how bad they bite but the local kids were clearly concerned about getting bit so we didn’t wan’t to take any chances.


  1. Comment by Chelsea

    Hi Brad!

    Thank you for this Blog. I’m loving reading about your adventures. I find what you and Nicole are doing completely inspirational. I find myself looking at certain things in a different way because of some of your thoughts. So thank you. I look forward to seeing your year take shape.

    Take care, Chelsea.

  2. Comment by Brad Davis

    You’re welcome, I’m glad you like it. I didn’t really talk about our hope to influence others around us in the original why post, but we do hope that some of what we learn can be useful to others as well. Good to hear from you!

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