Dec 12

We made a quick run up a nearby hill today, hoping to get a good view of the city. Unfortunately we got stopped by some thick bushes only 1/3 of the way up. Guess we’ll have to ask for directions next time.

Our "peak" photo

Our "peak" photo

Ariana had a great day at school today. She got out early and was singing this afternoon about how much fun school is. We’ll see if that lasts to Monday.

The kids were still scared of bees when we put them to bed last night. I think Ariana overheard me telling the story of when a real bee was in her bed in Calgary and thought I was talking about here! Oops.

It’s now after 10 and there is a rowdy bunch of people marching around the streets with impromptu drums and horns, yelling some unintelligable words and banging on everthing in site. They seem pretty happy so I’d have to guess it has something to do with their Christmas celebrations. Unfortunatly our house, being near the community center, appears to be the general start and stop for this type of activity.

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