Dec 19: Things I Love about the Barrio

Just in case we’ve given you the impression that life is a real struggle here and we don’t have any fun, here is our list of things we LOVE about living where we are right now:

  • Weather! (Sorry, but it’s true)
  • Background music (Honestly! It’s like having a soundtrack for your life)
  • Cheering every time the power comes on (Yes, we join in)
  • Howling every time the power goes off
  • Sense of Community (See above)
  • Ability to drop by, or be dropped in on at any minute
  • Small town feel – running into people we know whenever we’re out and about

Another great thing that requires some explanation is the proximity to just about everything. When Jesus was on earth he said “I am”; here in the barrio we feel like “I’m here”. As I’ve mentioned before, within 150 paces of our house are at least 5 colmados (small stores), 2 fruit stands, a small hardware shop, a school, our church, the soccer field, a baseball field,  a couple cafeterias, and of course a place to get drinking water. Not bad. Our community also has many hair salons, a bakery (Mmm, delicious), fried chicken and a few other fast food stands. And still within walking distance (although pushing it for the kids) we can get to just about anything we need; a couple larger grocery stores, bookstores, a hardware store, many clothing stores, furniture, appliances, and more. Combine this with the sense of community I’ve mentioned above and it creates a very comfortable, welcoming environment. You just have to be careful never to be dependent upon getting any specific item because that just might be the night that everyone is sold out!

P.S. We got our house cleaned today and did she ever do a great job! We’re definitely inviting the lady back again. The walls were scrubbed (with a mop), the bathroom cleaned, dishes washed, and the floors were hosed down (literally). She even wiped down every window covering. Yes, sometimes we’re spoiled.

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