Dec 21: Sunday

Sunday appears to be a tougher day for us down here. In Calgary Sunday would be a day of worshiping together with other Christians, relaxing with family and friends, and meeting in the evenings to discuss those deep issues that aren’t normally talked about. Here we attend church, but it only seems to amplify our isolation. We can’t really follow the service since its in Spanish, and the kids are a challenge to keep occupied since there is no Sunday school. Put these together and its next to impossible to even try follow along. After the services all we can really do is hold short conversations with people, but nothing that feels like a real relationship, and then head home.

We did head over to the kids park this afternoon which was lots of fun. There was a ton of  people there today and many that wanted to try talk to us. These are great opportunities to practice our Spanish listening and talking. I tried to get a few pictures, but it was next to impossible. As soon as we would take the camera out kids would begin posing and asking us to take their pictures. Mothers would even bring their kids over and ask if we could take their picture.

For a special treat we watched a movie that we had rented online before settling the kids down for the night.

Recent kids quotes:

  • Ariana: Mom, can you not come into my room. I was just about to fall asleep.
  • Ariana: I want to be in Grade 1 until I’m 15.
  • Ciara: Horseflies? That’s silly.

P.S. Don’t miss the new batch of photos we posted, Weeks 2-4.

Park Photos

Park Photos


  1. Comment by Steve McMillan

    Hey Brad, we’re loving your regular updates! Had a really good day yesterday – a great time at church then off to Airdrie for the girls ballet concert. Imagine 2.5 hours of concert and your girls getting about 2 minutes of stage time! And it was all worth it!
    Piles of snow here. I’m in the office getting things lined up for Christmas Eve and then for the New Year since we are off to Saskatchewan on the 29 for a few days. Have you tried oovoo? Have a great day!

  2. Comment by Brad Davis

    Steve, we’re glad you enjoy the updates. I hear what your saying about kids, it’s very exiting to see them succeed. We hear lots about the snow, mostly complaining. I almost feel a tinge of regret for missing such a white Christmas, but it passes very quick. Enjoy your travels.

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