Dec 27: Rain

It rained a lot today. Not that long at any given times, but many times during the day. Each time it would rain, a different spot in our roof would leak and the kids would come running and screaming “It’s raining in….” You would think they would be used to it by now!

img_4726We’re getting better with the local kids. We are now limiting their time in our house and only inviting them in for some meals. This has greatly lowered our stress level, although it still goes up pretty quick when there are a few of them running around our house and throwing rocks at their friends on the ground. One of the more frustating things is having them ask for water or paper and then see them throw it out two seconds after they get it. Oh well.

Although we did spend a fair amount of time in the field today near our house we didn’t get many photos. It’s hard to get a picture with two of your own kids hanging off your legs while surrounded by a bunch of others. While we did get caught in the rain once, it was more comfortable than afterward. When the sun comes out again the air is so humid and you are so sticky that the cool rain suddenly seems like it was much more pleasant.

As always the bubbles are a real hit with the locals.

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