Jan 7: To the Beach

With a damaged fridge, little to no Internet, and no lights when the power was out (almost always at dinner time) today turned out to be a pretty good day to head to the beach for a short break with my Parents. You might be suprised how tired one feels when the sun goes down at dinner and you live by flashlights for the rest of the night.

Busride to Beach

Busride to Beach

Our taxi to the bus station had been prearranged by our spanish tutor, through a friend of a friend. Although we had asked him to come 15 minutes early he still arrived too late. 25 minutes late in fact. Late enough that we just missed our intended bus out of town. Although the next bus had room for us and was only an hour away it meant sitting at the bus station for an hour. A month ago this might have seemed like a big deal, but now it’s just part of going with the flow.

The bus ride was uneventful and we were picked up in Sosua by one of our TEARS friends. The condo that we have got through their connections is big, very nice, and includes a small pool and direct beach access. Oh and did I mention hot water, a microwave, TV, and even a dishwasher! Yes, we’re in heaven. Of course we immediately turned on some Latin music…

Enjoying our New Digs with Grandpa

Enjoying our New Digs with Grandpa


  1. Comment by Mike King

    Looks beautiful guys! Is this near Cabarete (don’t remember spelling) in these pics now? Looks all so familiar to when we went there from Sosua…

  2. Comment by Brad Davis

    Yes, were just on the east side of Cabarete, in some privately owned/rented condos. The beach is great, although the waves are too rough for the kids. The body surfing is OK, depending on the waves, as they don’t seem to crash in any repeatable pattern. Did you try kiteboarding when you were here? I’d love to, but don’t quite have the time or money to give it a go on this trip. Oh well…

  3. Comment by Mike King

    I have never tried it yet. I was thinking of it as a winter sport actually, I am too busy in the summer and have a LOT of activities already. Got nothing better to do out on the snow and ice actually.

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