Jan 14: Back to School

After almost three weeks off, today was back to school for Ariana. A little later than the other kids due to our travels up north. We weren’t really sure what to expect, but were hoping that we wouldn’t be starting from scratch.

Ciara Cleaning!?

Ciara Cleaning!?

Our fears were totally unfounded. When Ariana woke up she was running and jumping around in excitement. We could hardly contain her or stop her from running out the door. I think she probably would have walked herself to school if we let her! Perhaps all those gifts they gave her on the last day changed her attitude? I think she started to miss some of her new friends, and definitely her teacher whom she talks about a lot.

At the end of the day Nicole reported that Ariana came out of the school holding the hand of another girl in her class. I guess all is well at school.

We also said goodbye to my parents early this morning. I think this was more difficult than when we originally left since in the back of our minds we realize in only 1.5 more weeks, after Nicoles parents come and go, we will be on our own till the end. I use “on our own” in the most liberal sense of the phrase….

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