Feb 03: Quiet

For only the second or third time since arriving hear there is no music playing tonight. It’s an erie sort of feeling like the calm before a storm. Surprisingly, even the animals are being pretty quiet as well. I guess it should be a really good nights sleep. And we need it after last night.Unfortunately Ciara had some sort of bug go through her system last night and spent a lot of the night sitting on the potty screaming. Clearly she was in some discomfort both using the bathroom and when lying down. The yelling also meant that even though only one of us has to deal with her at a time, there was no chance of the other sleeping.

The discomfort continued through the morning. Most of the time she spent laying down because it seemed to hurt her to stand up. Then, suddenly at about 11:30 it all seemed to magically disappear. She then spent the afternoon running around and playing as if nothing had happened.

Of course the rest of us are not feeling as well though.

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