Feb 14: Happy Valentines Day

As you know Nicole and I have always enjoyed celebrating Valentines together, not only because of its common meaning, but it is a reminder of the date I originally asked Nicole out on (Dec 14, 1994 if your counting). For this Valentines day I did something extra extra special for her…..

I picked all the Lice out of her hair!

Yes, unfortunately it appears all the women in this house have a little problem. Ariana has it the worst (it’s really bad), while both Nicole and Ciara have a small problem. Let’s see, here are some of the suggestions to help deal with the problem:

  • Wash all bedding in hot water – Washing machine can’t heat water
  • Dry all bedding in dryer – Nope, don’t have a dryer
  • Vacuum all fabric – No vacuum
  • Put items in plastic bags for two weeks – And use what in the meantime?
  • Natural Oils for washing heads – Not available here
  • Keep away from other kids with Lice – Exactly who would they play with?

We’ll have to look around tomorrow and find what is actually used here for this problem (From what I’ve seen its to sit down for a couple hours and remove them by hand). On the good side we have no furniture with fabric so it should be pretty easy to keep the house clean as long as we can deal with the bedding.

I pitty the first person who gets to hang around us when we get back to civilization!

And our other problems? All solved. The Internet was back on the 11th, the sun returned on the 12th, the water returned on the 13th, and Nicole and I seem to be back to almost full health.


  1. Comment by Jacqueline

    WOW that’s Gross….I guess Lori has to deal with it….cause she is the first to get graced by your presence!!! hahah Sucker!!! but I do love you all!!!

  2. Comment by Kristina

    OH MY!! This has got to be one of the most interesting e-mails I have read up to date. It almost seems like the Dominican is trying to punish you for considering leaving! I am pleased to see that Lori will be the first to enjoy these new found friends you have received…haha…jk!!

  3. Comment by Jenny

    Brad, I don’t think anyone can beat your Valentines story!!!

  4. Comment by Brad Davis

    @Jacqueline – Yes, yes she will. Hopefully we can get it under control by then!

    @Kristina – Hmmm, interesting. Would you like to consider giving us access to your savings so we can stay a little longer?

    @Jenny – Well Nicole always says that I am the romantic type!

  5. Comment by Kristina

    Ummm…I think I would rather have you come home than watch you painfully remove all those friends from the women in your life! I do look forward to seeing you guys so I think that my savings are going to be locked forever!!

  6. Comment by Dave

    Lice are easy to get rid of. My Steve and I had lice when we were little. My parents just shaved us bald. So get those clipper out and expose those melons. 🙂

  7. Comment by Jacqueline

    I am sorry but I can not see my sister or nieces BALD!!!! so please dont take that route!! even though its the easiest!!!!! lol

  8. Comment by Brad Davis

    @Dave – That’s what I said! And now I’ve got the evidence to prove it’s a great idea. Nicole, where are you???

    @Jacquie – You might think different if you had a couple crawling around on your skull!

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