Feb 24: Go Fly a Kite

Today was time for the hardest lesson yet; making a budget kite. The following pictures will tell the story, click the first image to see the photos in a slideshow – click on the right side of the image to advance.

That’s right. My kite met it’s untimely demise after I flew the line into a nearby tree. The boys thought quick and cut it loose only to have it get wrapped around another kite. This did allow us to reel it in for another try though.

Honestly I have never flown a kite that was so easy, so cheap, or went so high! It just shows that you don’t always get what you pay for. I even learned two new knots in the process.

Flying the kite was quite a bit of fun. There was the constant challenge of keeping the kites from tangling with each other, or from someone “stealing” control. Other kids, as part of the fun, would attach a small rock to their thread and try throw it over someone elses line. If successful they would reel in the line, break the kites thread, and take over control (while avoiding some other countermeasures). Fortunately, they took it easy on the beginner!

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  1. Comment by Tom Wilson

    The facial expression in “Spectator Attention is Beginning to Fade” is priceless.
    So you’re off to LA soon?

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