First Impressions

It’s a little late for first impressions, but as we’ve had a few requests for an update so here it goes.By far the thing that has stuck out the most has been the general cleanliness. The contrast is phenomenal and it is nice to not be walking on garbage all the time. We never have to plug our noses as we pass dumpsters, clean up garbage that the dogs have spread all over our walkway, or take nasty garbage away from our kids.

The second thing is the lack of noise and activity. Despite being in the Los Angeles area it feels empty and dull. It’s rare to see others around the house and the only noise is the traffic and planes. No ones stops in unexpectedly to say hi, and Ariana asks regularily when kids are going to come over to play. There is definitely no community feel.

Of course the hot water is nice, but what we have really appreciated is the water pressure. The cold water, although shocking at first, was actually quite refreshing but it just isn’t the same having the water only dribbling out of the shower head. And it’s a lot easier to get soap off with decent pressure.

The last unnexpected thing is the dust, or lack thereof. In the D.R. it was a constant struggle to keep the dust out of our house and off the furniture. Now we all appreciate not having to clean the floor multiple times daily.

There are perhaps some bigger contrasts, but most of them we expected. The one that continues to blow my mind is the clean water. Here, in North America, we use potable drinking water to water our lawn and clean our walks while in the D.R. we had to buy and carry home our own drinking water.

We do miss our friends in the DR now as well as from Calgary and look forwad to seeing them all again. Hopefully sooner than later.

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