Jan 18-25: Worst Vacation Ever?

Jan 26 2009

I’m not going to say they didn’t have some good times, because I think they did. But this last week will most likely go down as Nicole’s parents worst vacation ever.

Jan 17: Our Second Guests

Jan 19 2009

I guess that our second guests didn’t technically arrive at our house today, but most of the fun getting them did!

Jan 14: Back to School

Jan 19 2009

After almost three weeks off, today was back to school for Ariana. A little later than the other kids due to our travels up north. We weren’t really sure what to expect, but were hoping that we wouldn’t be starting from scratch.

Jan 13: Jarabacoa

Jan 18 2009

Today we headed up into the mountains to visit a nearby town called Jarabacoa (pronounced Hara-bacoa) and the local Young Life camp, Pico Escondido (Hidden Peak). At home Young Life has a reputation for great camps, but we weren’t sure what to expect here in the DR. It was of interest to us because of our connections with YL in Calgary, and also the fact that the TEARS school will be taking a group of kids up to the camp next month (unfortunately not Ariana’s class which is too young)

Jan 11: Deja-Vu

Jan 11 2009

Well we’ve had a very enjoyable, relaxing, and quiet few days at the beach. It will all end tomorrow though as we head back to La Vega. We have had a couple amusing trips on the gua-guas while here that are worth sharing.

Jan 8: Dominican?

Jan 09 2009

Since we’ve been here a month, it’s now time to travel like the locals so we introduced Mom and Dad to the guagua’s. Our little bit of Spanish seems to help with getting more reasonably bus fares, and taxi fares back at night. Otherwise, not much to report other than great beaches, good food, warm weather, and clear blue ocean.

Jan 7: To the Beach

Jan 09 2009

With a damaged fridge, little to no Internet, and no lights when the power was out (almost always at dinner time) today turned out to be a pretty good day to head to the beach for a short break with my Parents. You might be suprised how tired one feels when the sun goes down at dinner and you live by flashlights for the rest of the night.

Jan 6: Electrical Trouble

Jan 09 2009

I didn’t even mention that on Sunday night (Jan 4) we had some wierd electrical issue. During the night, just after I headed to bed, I noticed the christmas lights flashing. That’s odd I thought, considering I had purchased the only non-flashing Christmas string in all of La Vega! The thought did cross my mind that perhaps someone tried to “fix” my lights by adding a couple flashers, but not this time. In retrospect I should have clued in to how bad the electricity was since these particular lights were connected through an electrical inverter and regulated by a pack of 8 large batteries and yet they were still flashing very noticeably.

Jan 5: Questions

Jan 08 2009

Now I wonder. What gives me the right to close my door? Is it because I need a break? That my cultural upbringing is such that personal time is important? Every time I want to use one of our advantages, …

Jan 4

Jan 04 2009

It was a pretty uneventful day today, although its the first Sunday one of has hasn’t had a rough day. Probably due to having family here, but maybe because we’re getting to know a few other people as well. We …

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